What is Battle of the Books?

(For starters, it's absolutely AWESOME!) Battle of the Books is a book trivia competition, of sorts! Interested students in the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade work their way reading through a selected list of books. The actual competition is set up a bit like a quiz bowl: four students from one team compete against four from an opposing school's team. Teams are asked questions about books that they were assigned to read.


Where can I get the books?

Here! We have the book lists for each grade level. We've even put them online so that you can see what's currently on the shelf ready-to-go and what's checked out.

If an item is checked out, don't sweat it! You can log-in with your library card and phone number to place a hold on an item -- we'll call you once the item becomes available.


 4th Grade Book List

 5th Grade Book List
   6th Grade Book List