Upcoming Events


The Deckerville Public Library Board of Directors will have their monthly meeting scheduled for

Monday, June 7, 2021 at 7:00pm

Location TBD




Children's Book Week

May 3-9


Virtual Events

Please be aware that most virtual events require registration and have limited seats available.



Children's Books Around the World

Clarke Historical Library invites you to explore these beautifully illustrated, fanciful stories and celebrate the language diversity at CMU!


Tuesday, May 4, 6:30pm

Preserve Your Family Stories

Paw Paw District Library invites you to join Gigi Bott VanderWeele and Susan Carroll, owners of Your Personal Memoir, LLC. You'll be shown how to preserve your own stories, or your family's, in a variety of formats. They will take you from interviewing a reluctant elder, through writing and editing, to designing and publishing a family book. You'll also get a chance to win a free copy of The Book of Myself, by Carl and David Marshall.


Thursday, May 6, 6:00pm

Conversations & Coffee: Northern and Southern Lake Huron Management Unit

The DNR has been hosting "Conversations & Coffee" for the past several years to give you an opportunity to meet with managers and biologists, discuss local issues and management activities, and get specific questions answered. These meetings are extremely informal; at many, no formal presentations will be made.


Thursday, May 6, 6:30pm

Q&A with Harvey Ovshinsky: Adventures in Storytelling

The Ferndale Library invites you to share in the details Harvey Ovshinsky's lifetime of adventures as an urban enthusiast. He was only seventeen when he started The Fifth Estate here in Detroit, one of the country's oldest underground newspapers. Five years later, he became one of the country's youngest news directors in commercial radio at WABX-FM, Detroit's revered progressive rock station. Ovshinsky was often in the crux of the nation's tumultuous counterculture of the 1960s and 70s, and he would go on to receive broadcasting's highest honors as a documentary filmmaker, including a national Emmy, a Peabody, and the American Film Institute's Robert M. Bennett Award for Excellence.


Monday, May 17, 6:30pm

Growing your Business Internationally

Ypsilanti District Library and Ann Arbor Area Score invite you to join this program. Looking for markets outside the U.S? Come learn more about exporting from Romy Ancog, Lead Export Finance Manager of the US Export Assistance Center, U.S. Small Business Administration. He’ll talk about why you should consider exporting now, how to sell safely in the international market, which federal and state resources can help you, and potential loans and grants available for exporters.


Tuesday, May 25, 9:00am

Not MI Species: Dynamite! And other tools to protect Michigan’s state park trees

Keeping trees healthy is a critical component of state park management, and staff use a variety of tools (including explosives!) to control invasive insects and diseases. Join us for a blazing good time with Heidi Frei, DNR Parks and Recreation Division forest health specialist, who will share what’s affecting our trees and how you can help protect your favorite parks.


Thursday, June 24, 9:00am

Not MI Species: Big, hungry fish: What’s being done to prevent invasive bighead, silver and black carp from entering the Great Lakes

Currently, there is no evidence of any live bighead, silver, or black carp, commonly called Asian carp, in the Great Lakes. Michigan continues to play an active role in regional collaboration to protect the Great Lakes from this potential invasion. DNR Senior Water Policy Advisor Tammy Newcomb will explain the threat posed by these invasive fish, current monitoring and surveillance programs, and Michigan’s partnership with Illinois and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to provide a long-term solution to protect the Great Lakes.


Tuesday, July 27, 9:00am

Not MI Species: Hey! What’s that in your backyard? An introduction to Michigan’s Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a local resource you could go to for help with invasive species on your property? Spoiler alert: there is! Michigan is home to 22 Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas, or CISMAs, that are on the front line for prevention, detection, and control of invasive infestations. Katie Grzesiak, Nick Cassel, and Fallon Chabala, representatives from the Michigan Invasive Species Coalition, will discuss what a CISMA is, how they can help with management of invasives on your property, and the benefits of partnering with your local CISMA.



Sanilac County






Sanilac County

M-46 Resurfacing in Sandusky between Maple Valley St. and Townline is scheduled to begin May 3. Work will be performed at night.

Sanilac County Health Department Covid-19 Vaccinations page COVID-19 Vaccines are available for people ages 16 and older.


Sanilac County Great Start Parents has released its virtual event schedule. See their Facebook page for more information.





MDARD partners with Metro Institute to offer remotely proctored, online pesticide applicator certification exams Licensees encouraged to register for an exam before the June 30th deadline


New MDHHS Epidemic Order Effective Thursday, May 6 and will last until Monday, May 31. Visit our COVID-19 Community and State Information page for more information.


Automatic Extension for Individual and Composite State Income Tax Returns Due on April, 15, 2021 On March 17, 2021 the IRS issued Notice 2021-59 providing extensions to May 17, 2021 for any individual with a return or payment due on April 15, 2020. IRS Notice 2021-59 did not extend the first quarter estimated tax payment due on April 15, 2021. To conform to the automatic extensions granted through IRS Notice 2021-59, the Department will extend individual and composite State income tax returns and payments of 2020 taxes due on April 15, 2021 to May 17, 2021. This notice does not apply to city income taxes.


Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission public meetings have been scheduled. The meetings will also be live-streamed and open for public comment both in-person and virtually. Nearest meetings include:

  • May 25—Great Hall Banquet and Convention Center, Midland
  • June 22—Blue Water Convention Center, Port Huron


Your 1099-G and Identity Theft Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency are letting individuals know of important tax documents for people who may be victims of identity theft as a result of widespread fraudulent unemployment claims in 2020. If someone receives a UIA 1099 form but did not receive unemployment benefits, that person is likely a victim of identity theft and should report it immediately. The envelope containing the 1099 form from the UIA will include instructions on what should be done by victims of identity theft. Please follow those instructions closely.


Michigan Reconnect has launched. It is the largest effort in state history to ensure that more than 4.1 million Michiganders who are 25 or older and do not have a college degree will have an opportunity to earn a tuition-free associate degree or skills certificate.


Consumer Alert-Gift Card Scams Scammers are now able to create authentic-looking 800 numbers or local law enforcement numbers which appear on your phone display. Always locate contact information for that entity and call to confirm if they contacted you in the first place. Never purchase or provide a prepaid card, send money through a wire transfer service like Western Union, or send money through a mobile application.


Consumer Alert-Text Message Scams: Smishing Smishing is when scammers send text messages pretending to be from trusted sources. The goal is to get targets to respond with personal information like passwords and credit card details or to click on links that install malware. If you are an AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint or Bell subscriber, you can report spam texts to your carrier by copying the original text and forwarding it to 7726 (SPAM), free of charge.


Drivers risk tickets after license, vehicle registration extension expires Sept. 30



Special Enrollment Period for the Health Insurance Marketplace has been extended through August 15.  For more information about health insurance, consumers should visit Michigan.gov/HealthInsurance or call 877-999-6442 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Consumers are eligible to apply for the Healthy Michigan Plan at any time online by visiting Michigan.gov/MIBridges or by calling 855-789-5610.