Upcoming Events


Wed, Dec 7, 2:00pm

Adult Coloring

Did you know coloring can help relieve stress? Join us for this fun wellness activity!


Wed, Dec 7, 5:00pm

Crafting with Jami

Jami will reprise her crafts for our evening crowd. Please let us know which craft you are interested in working on so that she does not have to bring a truck.


Tue, Dec 13, 4:00pm

Book Club

Join us for our discussion of "I Am Malala" by Malala Yousafzai. This book is available at our library, on MeL, or on Libby through the library cooperatives. Anyone is welcome to join us, please contact the library for the Zoom meeting ID. And don't forget to bring your suggestions for our next book!


Wed, Dec 21, 3:00pm

Picture Book Club

Join us after school for fun with picture books! Each month will have a different theme. This month we have fun with Paw Patrol!





The Deckerville Public Library Board of Directors will have their regular meeting scheduled for

Monday, December 5, 2022 at 7:00pm

Deckerville Public Library


Virtual Events

Please be aware that most virtual events require registration and have limited seats available.



Children's Books Around the World

Clarke Historical Library invites you to explore these beautifully illustrated, fanciful stories and celebrate the language diversity at CMU!


2022 Michigan Notable Books Author Conversations

The Library of Michigan is starting to release recordings of the Author Conversations with several of the 2022 Michigan Notable Books Authors. Viewers of the author conversations video series can explore the backgrounds of the authors on the 2022 Michigan Notable Book list, as well as uncover their creative processes, and hear readings from book selections. More author conversations recordings will be released throughout the rest of the summer. See both current and previous recordings by going to the Michigan Notable Books playlist on YouTube.


For Adults 60+

Get Set Up

The MDHHS Aging & Adult Services Agency has a partnership with GetSetUp, a mission-driven education technology company dedicated to creating economic and learning opportunities for older adults. The partnership provides free virtual learning and social engagement opportunities for Michiganders ages 60 and over.


Every Wednesday, Oct 18th - November 29th, 6:30pm

Virtual Financial Aid Nights

Students and families looking for help paying for college are encouraged to register for a Virtual College Financial Aid Night provided by Michigan Department of Treasury’s MI Student Aid team. Participants will be able to gather information on the following financial aid topics: FAFSA application information, Federal financial aid programs, State financial aid programs, and Scholarship searching resources


Monday, Nov 28th, 7:00pm

Michigan Holiday Season Memories

The Holiday Season in Michigan holds special memories for everyone – who can forget the leaping reindeer emerging from the entranceway high above Hudson's, at the corner at Woodward and Grand River? Co-authors Jon Milan and Gail Offen invite you to join them on a colorful tour of seasonal highlights throughout the state – past and present! In one of their latest programs, Jon and Gail ask everyone to tag along as they whisk us off to a festive reconjuring of Holiday memories – from Hudson’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the arrival of Santa – to breakfast at Crowley’s with old Saint Nick – From the animated windows along Woodward to the Automotive-themed, tree-lined corridors of the Ford Rotunda! From Candlelight Walks in old Frankenmuth to America’s tallest singing Christmas tree in Muskegon. Join the authors for an hour of festive fun as they take a peek through the frosty windows of family memories that have marked the holiday seasons throughout the years, complete with archival photos and film footage, featuring nearly 100 years of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Cheer.


Tuesday, Nov 29th, 6:00pm

Delusion, Fusion, and The Age of the Sun

When he put forth the theory of evolution, Charles Darwin faced criticism from one of the greatest physicists of his day—the renowned Lord Kelvin. According to Kelvin's state-of-the-art (for the Victorian era) calculations of the age of the Sun and the Earth, there hadn't been enough time for life to evolve like Darwin described! In the years before Einstein, the public viewed Lord Kelvin as the iconic scientist, inventor, and guiding light of the Industrial Revolution. Indeed, his work in thermodynamics led to the notion of absolute zero and the temperature scale named in his honor. Come hear how this leading mathematician and physicist became known as one of the great curmudgeons of history. And Kelvin wasn't the only one—we'll share more about the annoying but important role of other curmudgeons in the development of modern cosmology. Sean Gavin, Associate Chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Wayne State University presents this drama.


Tuesday, Nov 29th, 7:00pm

She's Gone Missing: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

There is an epidemic that no one is talking about outside of Indian Country. Within our community we are dealing with an epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. With numbers so high that they are unreported, how do we deal with it all? Why aren't there concrete statistics? Why do the crimes go unreported? What has the FBI done to help with this epidemic? What does “Missing White Woman Syndrome” have to do with this? Let's talk some history and try to find out why this is an issue and what we can do in and out of Indian Country to make sure that our sisters, mothers, daughters, wives, girlfriends, women, don't become a statistic. Presented by historian and activist Heather Bruegl.


Wednesday, Nov 30th, 6:30pm

Power Failure with William Cohan

Mr. Cohan’s new book POWER FAILURE: The Rise and Fall of an American Icon covers the dramatic rise—and unimaginable fall—of America's most iconic corporation by New York Times bestselling author and pre-eminent financial journalist William D. Cohan. No company embodied American ingenuity, innovation, and industrial power more spectacularly and more consistently than the General Electric Company. The company embodied both the muscle of American business— entrepreneurial drive, inventiveness, financial legerdemain— and its weaknesses— unchecked egos, grandiosity, hubris, and corruption. The story of GE’s glorious rise and distressing fall is not just the story of a finance powerhouse. It’s a cautionary tale about blind ambition and trying to live up continuously to a flawed corporate mythology.

Thursday, Dec 1st, 6:30pm

Michigan Newspapers

The Library of Michigan has one of the most comprehensive collections of Michigan newspapers. See examples of unique periodicals published in our state and learn strategies for navigating the various online collections of digitized Michigan news publications.



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