Children's Book Week

Reading is a Superpower!

May 3-9

Virtual Events

Many national author discussions are planned.  And don't miss out on the free middle grade ebook Moon Force by Janelle M. Adams available for download May 4-6.


Authors' Superpowers


Superpower Challenge

People have many superpowers, and there are many Children's Book Week activities to help you find yours! Each category has several activities to explore.  Activity sheets, completion certificates, and extra materials for one activity in each category can be picked up at the library.  Official book titles can be found on our catalog under the Children's Book Week Booklist, and we have many others that can help you explore your chosen activities.  Please call ahead so that we can get your materials ready for you.



Library Activity: Start a plant from seed and take notes on the progress as it grows. 

Materials provided: Seeds


Social Activism

Library Activity: Draw a comic strip or page of a picture book that features social activism.

Materials provided: Blank comic strip pages


The Arts

Library Activity: Create a story in the topic you like and then make puppets to put on a show for your family and/or friends!

Materials provided: Craft sticks and card stock to make puppets


Community Engagement

Library Activity: Set up a table with books you are ready to give away and o#er one to each neighbor as they come by.

Materials provided: A book from our book sale to give to someone in the community


Identity and Culture

Library Activity: Create an identity capsule and put it in a safe place to open 5-10 years from now. Write a letter to your future self, include items or drawings of items that are important to you now. You can make anything into a capsule; a shoe box, plastic container, wooden box or plastic bag all work great.

Materials provided: Tin cans for identity capsule


Physical Fitness and Sports

Library Activity: Outdoor scavenger hunt. Write down a list of things you see in your neighborhood. See how fast you and friends or family can find them all.

Materials provided: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt sheet and/or Alphabet Outdoor Scavenger Hunt sheet


Environment and Climate

Library Activity: Animal watch, take a walk or just sit outside and record all the animals you see.

Materials provided: Animal Observation Journal made for you by the Deckerville Public Library



Library Activity:Start a book journal, write down all the books you read and what parts you liked and did not like.

Materials provided: Book Journal made for you by the Deckerville Public Library


Mental Health and Wellness

Library Activity: For the week, write 3 good things that happened during the day before going to bed.

Materials provided: Good Things Journal made for you by the Deckerville Public Library